About Me

Hey there, I'm Loren Marple, an artist based in Minneapolis.

My work is defined by bright color, texture, and bold specificity of shape, and is inspired by memory, people, relationships, and mail. 📬 💙

My online shop is a place where the wilds of my brain are transformed into small and colorful goods, in addition to prints and original artworks (coming soon!). 

Join my Patreon community and get super cool mail art each month while you support me as an artist! Also, 20% of your monthly support goes toward mutual aid efforts (usually local to MSP) that are important to me. You'll get exclusive access to my Patreon feed where I post behind-the-scenes photos and stories about creative projects which I don't share to Instagram, in addition to monthly art mailings.

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Just a little bit more

I work to explore the little things I ignore and the ones I obsess over for months.

I play in imagined worlds where only the tips of fingers collide and in ones formed by this memory of that person (who I spent less than a day with in the sandy room with the pink glowing light). I ask myself how I can record the color and bend of that (real or) imagined memory through the collage process. Through the creation of a limb-heavy alphabet of visual symbols that repeat in ever-expanding combinations.

In anything and everything I am mostly trying to express something fundamental. The realness and the goodness and the melancholy of it all.

Layering photographs with scanned and digitally manipulated paintings, I’m slowly getting at that something, that slippery little bit of what is needling in the back of my mind. It’s truths I’m after; what we all hide from ourselves when we are convinced we aren’t looking.